Video Marketing

Video Marketing is predicted to account for an unprecedented 82% of all Internet traffic by 2020.

What is Video Production/Marketing?

What is Video Production / Marketing?

Video production, in the context of digital marketing, is a strategy for producing and publishing video content that is designed to communicate with your target audience. Video production, even at a small scale, can quickly become complicated, so it is important to have the end result in mind and create a plan. Your intent for the videos will dictate your approach and execution. Done correctly, videos have the ability to directly influence the value your site has to your customers and, as a result, your profits.


Why does your Site Need Video Content?

Simply put, video is a much more natural way of communicating. Video is not just more entertaining but is easier to comprehend, which is why 70% of businesses that include video content saw their conversion rate go up. Differentiating your style and story is just easier when it comes from you instead of text on a page. Deciding on including video content doesn’t require a production crew, either. Depending on the industry you serve, video content can range from professionally produced to a live event on social media.

Video can help your audience better understand your product or service. On-screen visuals can help to illustrate unfamiliar or complicated information. Accompanying the information in the video with on-screen graphics or supplementary B-roll can help your audience to grasp your concept more quickly while also holding their attention.
When it comes to shareability, video is hard to beat. Every device connected to the internet has the capability of streaming your content. Each one of those shares that is publicly hosted is what is known as a backlink. Combining this ease of access with the other factors mentioned makes video on your site a necessity rather than an extra.

What Kinds of Videos Should Your Site Have?

While the exact video your site needs will be unique to your business and the needs of your customers, service or product-related videos can be put into four general categories: educational, interviews, product reviews and demonstrations, and live video.


This isn’t a sales pitch. Any product or service should be explained, regardless of its complexity. Even simple services need to highlight their importance or the long-reaching benefits of their implementation. Educational videos provide your audience with information of value, leave them with a call to action, and then the decision is ultimately up to them. Video allows you to get into the nuts and bolts of what you are providing without losing your audience. If you’ve done a good job at educating your audience, they should see the need for your product or service.


Making content conversational is one great way to make the audience feel included. Whether you have someone with an opinion showcased to share it or an expert that can field specific common questions. An interview-style video can go a long way for your audience.


Reviews and Demonstrations

For all of the reasons typical reviews are valuable but this time with a face to the words. People value educated opinions, especially when it comes from a person who went through a similar customer experience. It prepares them for what to expect. Demos do the same but with a focus on the user experience instead of the customer experience. Demonstrating a product or service focuses on showing it in action and takes the sales aspect out.

Live Video

Utilized correctly, it will make you stand out as well as be personally applicable. You can interact with your audience directly, helping you become more familiar and gain their trust.

How do Videos Win SEO and Influence People?

The short version is: videos help with SEO. Relevant videos to your content will provide value to the people who visit your page. Most of your video content will relate to the services your business provides and will be educational for your audience. Google and other search engines will recognize and record this value, then reward your site with a better showing in search results.

While no one knows all of the minutiae behind Google’s Search Algorithm, we do know that one of the main factors that help your content rank is engagement. Videos are built to engage an audience. Any interaction that isn’t time spent with your video will directly increase your click-through rate, which is great for ranking. The time you spend on a page also influences your ranking. Pages with video content have been shown to keep users around for around 2.5x longer than pages without.

Transcribing your video will help with relevant keywords. Gone are the days of giant pages filled with words to attract search engine results (a practice known as “keyword stuffing”). But having relevant keywords, organized in a way that people would say them and thus search them, can seriously help people find the content they need (wink, wink- that’s your content).

Videos can get you backlinks. Two of the top ten factors that influence SERP(Search Engine Page Results) are content and backlinks. Video is the content and you can put it in place to get you those backlinks from high domain authority sites like Youtube.


Video Production with Second Nature

If you didn’t know all of the factors listed above or how to implement them, that’s okay. You’re a business owner who is too busy doing the thousands of things a day it takes to keep the walls from falling down around you. Second Nature is a partner that will keep up with the ever-evolving best practices of the internet so you don’t have to. If you’d like to take your business’s online presence to the next level and beyond, give us a call and we will see if we’re a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you.